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Ruth Suckow was a famous writer with Iowa roots; this website was created by the Ruth Suckow Memorial Association (RSMA) to celebrate her literary legacy, and to help readers find more information about her life and work--as well as provide several sample stories. 
The pictures above are of Ruth as a young woman, in mid-life, and with her husband, Ferner Nuhn.  Several years after her death, Ferner helped to establish the Ruth Suckow Memorial Association to make sure that new generations of readers would be able to read her short stories and books. 

The Ruth Suckow Memorial Association celebrates our 50th Anniversary, 1966-2016

You are invited to join us on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the Cedar Falls Public Library.

We will hold our Annual Meeting at 10:00 am on the 2nd floor of the CFPL. 

We will have a brief program for members about the Literary legacy of Ruth Suckow.

Then, we will have lunch at 12.

The Public Program begins at 1:00 and should not last more than half an hour.

We will have brief remarks, door prizes, a multimedia display & cake.

See the Annual Meeting page for copies of two flyers: Flyer for 50th Anniversary and Flyer for Book Clubs.

If there is interest, after the public program, we will tour the Graves of Ruth Suckow and Ferner Nuhn

(and Ruth's father, Rev. William Suckow, at Greenwood Cemetery in Cedar Falls (only a short drive from the library)

Invitation/Flyer for the 50th Anniversary Celebration  (Click here for the flyer and Bookmark)

Suckow Stories Now On Iowa Digital Heritage!

RSMA President Barbara Lounsberry worked hard to get Ruth Suckow's stories on the Iowa Digital Heritage website. The first set of stories is about Iowa women's lives. There are ten stories in all.  
Read Barbara's essay introducing the stories, putting them into context, with a brief summary.

Follow the link below to go to the website.

Then click on "People and Biographies."  The Ruth Suckow Short Story Collection is on page 7--if you want to take a look or to direct others to these stories.  Once you see the story, scroll down and you can read the description and other information.  If you then click on the red box, by the page at the top, the story will come up and there is is "pop up" button in the right hand corner.  If you click on that, it makes the story even bigger and easier to read or to print out.

Updates from the University of Iowa's Special Collections, 2016

Go to our RSMA News link to see some new Suckow materials posted by the Special Collections, including an excerpt from Ruth's unfinished novel (and an introduction by Ferner).

RSMA Founder Ferner Nuhn is on Wikipedia.  And now, we have posted pictures of some of his artwork: Figures of the 30s.
Please check out the page on Ferner (Resources on Ferner Nuhn) as well as Mentions to discover what other websites are saying about Suckow & RSMA (Links to Posts on Blogs), Writing about Suckow (for another chance to read Marsha's poem on Suckow), and RSMA News (for updates about projects and events).  

We have also replicated the Wikipedia entry on our site--on the page about Ferner. Written by webmaster Cherie Dargan, it draws from the hard work of several writers and historians in our group from the past, including Dorothy Grant.

In addition, the Ruth Suckow website may look the same, but we were approved for Google Apps for Non-Profits in 2013, which gives us a larger web-space.

Ferner's Art is now here! Check out his sketches of fellow participants at some of the Writer's Workshops he and Ruth attended at Yaddo and MacDowell Colony, retreats established to give writers and artists a place to spend time creating their work. He called this collection of paintings "Figures of the 30s."

Find a reference to Suckow, a new photo, or have information about one of Ruth or Ferner's relatives? Please contact Cherie, webmaster, at cheriedargan@gmail.com. 

Some people find us through the Wikipedia article on Ruth Suckow; however, if you haven't seen it yet, here it is. The article was written by Michael Dargan, the webmaster for the first Suckow website.

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