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Ferner's Art

Here is the series of sketches found in the archives of the Special Collections at the University of Iowa library. For more details, please see the Ferner Nuhn page (the text for our wikipedia article)

  • William Rose Benet--poet and playwright
  • Charles Wakefield Cadman--composer
  • Carl Carmer--novelist, editor, and conservationist
  • Leo Fisher--sculptor
  • Felix Fox--composer
  • Frances Frost--poet, fiction writer (no relation to Robert Frost)
  • Robert Frost--poet
  • Horace Gregory--poet, critic, and editor
  • Albert Halper—novelist
  • Roy Harris—composer
  • Charles Hearst—Iowa farmer
  • Jeffrey Levy—painter
  • John Cowper Powys—novelist, poet, essayist
  • Evelyn Scott—poet, novelist
  • Ruth Suckow—novelist
  • John Brooks Wheelwright—poet, critic
  • Henry A. Wallace—agriculturist, author, statesman [15]

Robert Frost

Robert Frost, American poet  (1874-1963)

Frances Frost, no relation to Robert Frost.
(1905-    ) Poet, Fiction writer

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963)—novelist, poet, and essayist.

Nuhn writes that Powys liked to wear a black academic robe when lecturing, to make his gestures more dramatic.

Charles Hearst (1904-    )--Iowa farmer and farm leader, as well as one of Ferner's friends.

John Brooks Wheelwright (19? to 1940) -- poet and critic

 Jeffrey Levey (1908-) -- painter

 Albert Halper (1904-    ) -- novelist

Roy Harris (1898-    ) -- composer

Horace Gregory (1898-    ) -- poet, critic, and editor

Felix Fox and George Mitchell

 Carl Carmer

 Leo Fisher--sculptor

 Charles Wakefield Cadman--composer.


William Rose Benet--poet and playwright

Evelyn Scott—poet and novelist.
Henry Wallace

Henry Wallace
Here is Ferner's whimsical portrait of Ruth, 
complete with one of the white cats they both loved. This was used for one of the annual newsletters in the 1990s.
List from the booklet

Please refer to the attached file below for a sense of the booklet: I was able to make a series of scans at the Special Collections in order to capture Ferner's comments on the group of people he selected for these pictures.

Thank you to the Special Collections Staff, the University of Iowa!

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