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1931 Publicity Photo of Ruth Suckow

An informal photo of Ruth, enjoying the outdoors in Minnesota, 1932.

Ruth and Ferner with a writer friend, and a cat. (undated)

This website is dedicated to the work of noted Iowa author Ruth Suckow and her husband Ferner Nuhn. She was a famous writer with Iowa roots; this website was created by the Ruth Suckow Memorial Association (RSMA) to celebrate her literary legacy, and to help readers find information about her life and work--as well as provide access to some of her short stories. 

To read more about their remarkable relationship, go to the page Ruth and Ferner.

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    $1,000 College Scholarship

 for the best essay on Ruth Suckow’s first novel, Country People (set in Iowa), or on one or more of the following Suckow short stories: 

“A Start in Life,” 

“A Great Mollie,” 

“A Rural Community,”

 “Midwestern Primitive,” 


 (all works are free and available here on the Short Stories page) 

Deadline:  January 1, 2024


Winner Announced: June 2024


Eligibility:  Iowa High School AP Students

                Iowa Community College Students

                Iowa College and University Undergraduate 

& Graduate Students


Length:  2,500 to 5,000 words


         $500 Teacher’s Award

 for the winning essayist’s teacher (if there is one)

 for use with the purchase of classroom materials, education,  or other approved use 

 (For more information, email lounsberry@gmail.com

A Start In Life 7.11.mp3

Listen to "A Start in Life," narrated by Jim Schaap of Dordt College. 

Or read it here, Ruth Suckow Memorial Association - A Start in Life 

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Read Suckow's Stories On Iowa Digital Heritage

RSMA President Barbara Lounsberry worked hard to get Ruth Suckow's stories on the Iowa Digital Heritage website. The first set of stories is about Iowa women's lives. There are now nineteen short stories plus her novelette, "A Part of the Institution" in all, thanks to the hard work of one of our members, Roy Kenagy. Thanks, Roy!   

Read Barbara's essay introducing the stories, putting them into context, with a brief summary.

Follow the link below to go to the website.

Then click on "People and Biographies."  

The Ruth Suckow Short Story Collection is on page 7--if you want to take a look or to direct others to these stories.  Once you see the story, scroll down and you can read the description and other information.  If you then click on the red box, by the page at the top, the story will come up and there is a "pop up" button in the right-hand corner.  If you click on that, it makes the story even bigger and easier to read and to print out.

RSMA Founder Ferner Nuhn is on Wikipedia.  

We have posted pictures of some of his artwork: Figures of the 30s.

 Please check out the page on Ferner (Resources on Ferner Nuhn) as well as Mentions to discover what other websites are saying about Suckow & RSMA (Links to Posts on Blogs), Writing about Suckow (for another chance to read Marsha's poem on Suckow), and RSMA News (for updates about projects and events).  


We have replicated the Wikipedia entry on our site--on the page about Ferner. Written by webmaster Cherie Dargan, it draws from the hard work of several writers and historians in our group from the past, including Dorothy Grant.

In addition, the Ruth Suckow website may look the same, but we were approved for Google Apps for Non-Profits in 2013, which gives us a larger web space.

Ferner's Art is now here! Check out his sketches of fellow participants at some of the Writer's Workshops he and Ruth attended at Yaddo and MacDowell Colony, retreats established to give writers and artists a place to spend time creating their work. He called this collection of paintings "Figures of the 30s."

Find a reference to Suckow, a new photo, or have information about one of Ruth or Ferner's relatives?

Please contact Cherie, webmaster, at cheriedargan@gmail.com. 

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Some people find us through the Wikipedia article on Ruth Suckow; however, if you haven't seen it yet, here it is. The article was written by Michael Dargan, the original webmaster for the first Suckow website.

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RSMA President Barbara Lounsberry doing research at the Special Collections. 

Almost every summer before Covid-19, Barbara, Mike and I traveled to the University of Iowa to visit the Special Collections area, do research, and frequently take materials that had been donated. They have a sizeable Ruth Suckow collection there, thanks to the work of Ferner Nuhn and Georgia.

Ruth Suckow loved cats, and there are numerous photographs with her holding a cat. This one was sent to The Iowan magazine.

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