The Folks -- Comments from Silverseason

One of the exciting things about having a presence online is that we are truly a community. People who love literature have a tendency to find each other! So I recently got an email from a blogger, with a link to a post she had done about Suckow's novel The Folks. Her blog can be found at and I think you will be impressed.

Here are her three posts on The Folks

She did a very detailed post, complete with illustrations.

The middle post about the book.

Her first post about The Folks.

She writes, "Why am I reading this 700+ page novel which is very much a period piece? I respect what Suckow is doing and the people she describes. Following Pulitzer has inspired me to look for historical insights into Midwestern America as it appeared to a perceptive writer in 1934." By the way, she also gives credit to the following blogger, Frisbee book journal.

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