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Ruth Suckow. Hall of Fame. Iowa Commission on the Status of Women. 

Ruth Suckow. Wikipedia article on Ruth Suckow, edited by Michael Dargan.

The Ruth Suckow Wikipedia article 

Ruth Suckow's Art of Fiction

An essay by Lois Muehl, from Books at Iowa 13 (November 1970) has a new url:

Suckow, Ruth. A Ruth Suckow Omnibus (A Collection of Short Stories). With a New Introduction by Clarence A. Andrews. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City. 1988.

Ruth Suckow Collection. Penrose Library, University of Denver. 

Ruth Suckow's papers. Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City

We also feature an excerpt from Suckow’s unfinished novel, Some Boundless Thing:

Iowa Literary History, 1971-1991

An essay by Clarence Andrews, from Books at Iowa (April 1992) has a new url:

Ruth Suckow: a Calendar of Letters

By Frank Paluka is a brief essay and a listing of letters held by the University of Iowa Libraries: It was originally a 2 part article in two issues of Books at Iowa, but it has been combined into one article online.

White, Lee.  Biography of Ruth Suckow Nuhn.  Biography of Ruth by Lee R. White from the University of Northern Iowa 

Member Bill Douglas just shared with me his discovery of a book with a chapter on Ruth.

The book is Sacred Land:  Sherwood Anderson, Midwestern Modernism, and the Sacramental Vision of Nature by Mark Buechsel, published by Kent State University Press in 2014.

To those of you who have access to the UNI Library the whole book can be read online and/or downloaded for free.  Other libraries might have this free electronic access as well.

I downloaded the chapter and have attached it as a file below for your enjoyment.  It is titled "The Return to 'Hard, Natural Things": From Pastoral Delusion to Rock-Bottom Reality in Ruth Suckow's The Folks."

One of the daughters, Margaret Matlack Kiesel, corresponded with Suckow. Her father taught at Grinnell College.

Ruth Suckow's papers are in the University of Iowa's special collections section. This is an extensive collection of materials


The Ruth Suckow Collection at the University of Denver. This includes a short bio and a picture of Ruth in knee length britches.

This collection is arranged in four series:

This series contains Ruth Suckow's personal papers: correspondence, writings and a DU Alumni form.

This series contains photographs.

This series contains Amy Buchanan's writings.



February, 2012 -- Ruth's Sister, Emma


We have been given permission to post an article by Professor Scott Emmert of Wisconsin: he has written about Emma Suckow's 1920 anti-war story called "The Soul That Sinneth," which was published in the August 1920 edition of the Midland. She went on to publish "Dissipation" (May 1920) and "True Love" (June 1922) in the Midland. Emma was Ruth Suckow's sister.  In addition, he had a copy of her first story, and we will post it as well on the short story page.  His essay is posted below as "World War I Stories in the Midland."


Note: I am adding a new page, to archive older, print based resources. Some of these can be obtained through the Special Collections in Iowa City, or through a used book seller, or University Library.  



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