Suckow Birthplace

Ruth Suckow was born in Hawarden, Iowa.

Long time Board member Mary Helgevold has worked tirelessly with her husband, other volunteers, and contractors on the restoration of the house. She has provided many of the pictures here. Others come from the archives at the University of Iowa's Special Collection on Ruth Suckow.

A very old picture of the birth place house.

The birthplace home is located in Hawarden, Iowa, which is located in North western Iowa near Sioux City.

The house has been restored and is now part of a little village designed to give visitors a sense of life in the early 1900s.

A big red barn nearby the birthplace house--this is area is all a part of Calliope Village, a Tourist attraction.

The birthplace house has an engraved sign that tells visitors about Ruth Suckow and her work.

Mike and Cherie visited the birthplace in the summer of 2010, but were only able to see the outside.

The side of the house.

Pictures taken after the restoration work -- by Mary Helgevold

The front room, with the display case of Suckow books

The pastor's desk in the study

The front room with little mannequin

The dining room, with display case

The first bedroom

The second bedroom

The third bedroom

The kitchen

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